About PhysioPro

You can have every confidence in Stewart Joe who is well qualified and has had experience treating people with your injury or condition.

Qualified to give you the best chance of recovery

Stewart Joe is highly qualified with a Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and a Postgraduate Diploma in Acupuncture. He is also a certified McKenzie Practitioner who specialises in treating spinal conditions through the use of Pilates, Swiss ball exercises and MedX core-strengthening equipment.

Wide experience

Stewart has wide and varied experience having worked in New Zealand at UniSports Sports Medicine, in London at the Marylebone Low Back Pain Clinic and for Marks & Spencers assessing employees’ workplace injuries and providing rehab.

Treats everybody including competitive athletes

In over 18 years in private practice Stewart has treated all sorts of people including elite athletes. It’s reassuring to know that you’ll be assessed, treated and supported in your rehabilitation by a physiotherapist who will have successfully treated a client with your problem before. If you’re suffering from lower back, knee and ankle injuries, Stewart has a special interest in these areas.

Focussed on your rehabilitation and on giving you the strong, pain free body you want

Stewart’s main focus is to get you moving again as soon as possible and to eliminate or relieve any pain or discomfort. You will not want pain, stiffness, aches or niggles to return so along with hands-on treatment, he’ll give you information, exercises and tools to get you back to your best and stay that way.

Well connected to other health professionals

Stewart believes in the team approach to rehabilitation. You’ll find he liaises closely with trainers, doctors, sports physicians and surgeons and seeks second opinions if they’re required.

Understands athletes, gym goers and people who enjoy exercising

Stewart is an active sportsperson. He enjoys playing, watching and coaching basketball and touch rugby. He likes running too and completed his first marathon over a year ago.

He has worked out of various gyms and so can advise you on the correct usage of various gym equipment. He can also liaise with your sports coach or personal trainer.

He may use the gym equipment during your treatment.

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